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coral planter 90 | 090102-1 | Coral | Brian Steendyk  

Coral's flowing curves exude elegance while complimenting any fashionable space. The Coral 900 planter brings with it a unique style and panache, cradling flowers and plants and presenting them in an elevated position. A specialised self-watering system ensures that your chosen plants bring extended life and beauty. Suited to both indoor and outdoor environments Coral is made from durable polyethylene, a recyclable and UV resistant plastic, and comes in a range of colours.

aubergine 3047 citrus yellow 1480 tomato red 5000 apple green 2570 blueberry 3020 candy pink 5260 cherry 5780 orange tang 6100 lemon yellow 1800 light frost 9042 snow white 0500 latte 9160 mid grey 8900 slate grey 8010 black liquorice 7180
coral 55 seating coral bin 40lt coral planter 90