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steendyk signature rug | 061006 | Signature patterns | Brian Steendyk  

Steendyk has teamed up with leading rug manufactures 'Interior Equipment' to produce an exciting range of signature rug designs for the contemporary urban habitat. A beautiful range of four limited edition designs; Syrup, Riva, Polyp and Bobble have been carefully crafted using the natural fibres of New Zealand wool to produce luxuriously deep cut pile rugs. The Syrup is a creative expression of fluidity captured in a two dimensional plane. The viscous nature of syrup inspires and lends its name to this enchanting piece. Riva derives its forms from the meandering Brisbane River. The sinuous character of the river is encapsulated in the rug's wondrous play of interwoven curves. Polyp is inspired by the flowering coral of the Great Barrier Reef. The motif creates an energetically confident display of form and texture. All rug designs are available in a variety of colours and a choice of two sizes - 3567 x 2533 mm or 2378 x 1682 mm.

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