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chuckel table low | 080910-5 | Chuckel | Brian Steendyk  

Chuckel Low Table - a little bit of outdoors ... a whole lot of fun. Chuckel Low is an elegant yet playful table that suits many environments. Adaptable to both internal as well as external environments, chuckel low is fabricated in UV resistant recyclable polyethylene plastic. Designed as a low table 'Chuckel Low' dynamically locks together function, beauty and spirit. The stylish compact laminate top is available in black, white or silver.

red alumina white black


aubergine 3047 citrus yellow 1480 tomato red 5000 apple green 2570 blueberry 3020 candy pink 5260 cherry 5780 orange tang 6100 lemon yellow 1800 light frost 9042 snow white 0500 latte 9160 mid grey 8900 slate grey 8010 black liquorice 7180


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